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    Dental Links

    Some helpful links on Heavy Metal, Amalgam Issues and Root Canals (Compiled by Sara Gold and Avraham Gundle)

    This is a very informative link that thanks to Dr Behm has revealed to us "The Secret" to healthy teeth and gums:

    Heavy Metal/Amalgam Detox Ideas:
    Mora detox, NDF, EDTA suppositories, Chlorella, Kelp, Herbal Chelator with cilantro, Modifilan and U-Fn

    Amalgam Detox & Protocols: - Supplementation during and after amalgam removal. - Biological Dentistry - A major portion of naturopathic doctor Jonn Matsen's book deals with how mercury exposure from amalgam affects the human body and the environment. It is based upon the compendium of scientific evidence collected by Bernard Windham, chemical engineer and DAMS president. (The book can also be purchased used

    A few scientific data links: - How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration - Bernard Windhams home page (see above reference) - Root canals and health - Empirical data of Dr. Paul Engel of 75 dental patients, before and after amalgam removal. It is the forth link on the page and requires adobe-acrobat reader to open. - Swedish dental material commision condemns amalgam (however, it has not actually been banned yet see to see where the issue is holding - an excellent compendium of articles on the amalgam issue from all aspects including many scientifically based. - a very helpful explanation of dental materials with good definitions. It has a very clear explanation of the need for detoxification and protocols


    * The Toxic Time Bomb – Can the mercury in your dental fillings poison you? Sam Ziff, Aurora press
    * The Root canal cover up – Dr George Meinig




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