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    Meishiv HaNafesh Men's Workshop

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    Dear Friends,
    I would like to offer you a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable life skills. Several times a year, I facilitate the Meishiv Hanafesh workshop in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

    What is the Meishiv HaNafesh Training:
    Meishiv HaNefesh Training is conducted in a non-judgmental supportive group setting. The training offers a powerful and effective combination of research-based healing therapies aimed at helping one better deal with changes, challenges and stress. The groups are small, usually about 10 - 12 people, which allows for a deeper level of connection, sharing and support. In these groups, participants can explore their capacity for transformation by working on their own physical, emotional and spiritual issues. The group meets weekly for two-hour sessions, which provides for immediate integration of the knowledge and skills acquired. The support of the group assists each member in dealing with any challenges that may crop up along the way.

    How Can You Benefit from the Training?
    B'ezrat Hashem, the training will help you manage stress in a very proactive way. It will help you maximize all that you are in your life, be it your role as husband, father, friend, colleague, chavrusa, out-reach professional etc. At each one of the 7 meetings you will learn a different skill and have an opportunity to practice it. One of the main emphases in the group is the importance of acquiring peace of mind - menuchas hanefesh. The group will help you in every aspect of your avodas Hashem.

    What Skills are Taught?
    The Meishiv HaNafesh Training is highly experiential. You will learn to effectively use research- based techniques, taught through the lens of chazal (our Sages). These include breathing, relaxation, meditation (hisbodedus), guided imagery (koach hatziur), autogenic training, biofeedback, movement, journal writing, drawing, as well as music.

    Who Should Attend?
    This training is suitable for both professionals and non-professionals. Whatever your occupation, this training will significantly enhance you and your work.
    The training is designed to teach you practical skills. It is also aimed to help you to develop a deeper level of awareness in everyday life and consequently develop an increased ability to cope with physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that you may face on a daily basis. The group will also help to enhance your appreciation of LIFE!

    What people are saying:

    "When I first joined the Meishiv HaNafesh group, I was skeptical - but not for long. I immediately found myself enjoying every moment. The first session flew by, and I was sad to know that an entire week would have to pass before the next session. I gained tremendously from the course. It taught me many new ideas and useful techniques, and I experienced many interesting exercises. New horizons opened up for me and broadened my sense of awareness of the present and appreciation of the world. Aside from learning about stress management, I also learned how to listen, and how to understand and accept others. The course brought out the best in me, and my close acquaintances noticed a big change in me. I have become more calm, patient and understanding, a better father, husband and chavrusa. Above all, I have spent more time thinking about Hashem during the day, especially prior to davening, and performance of mitzvos. Since the group, I have spent many, many hours rehearsing and developing the tools further. It did me a world of good and I really recommend it - Go for it!" Binyomin Freilich

    "Avraham Gundle has spent many years exploring and subsequently mastering a wide array of personal growth techniques, which touch the physical, mental and spiritual - in short, the whole person. He is a gifted teacher and facilitator. His Meishiv HaNafesh workshop is very much as the name describes - an opportunity to acquire a wealth of tools to restore and invigorate the nefesh. The time spent in the group was like an oasis of calm each week ; and one has only then to carry the techniques to every corner of one's life. I recommend Meishiv HaNafesh to everyone who desires to find clarity in his purpose in life, to grow in his avodas Hashem, and to nurture peace both within and without." Yissachar Fried

    Avraham Baruch Gundle graduated in Osteopathic Medicine and Naturopathy, from London in 1995. Today, he is the Director of the Center for Integrated Medicine in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He practices holistically, emphasizing the role of the mind and the body in healing. He draws on a wide range of cutting edge therapeutic and diagnostic modalities to help give his patients the best possible care. These include Mora therapy, BeTA, Darkfield Microscopy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Nutritional and Lifestyle counseling.

    Avraham Baruch has completed the Advanced Professional training in Mind-Body Medicine with the Centre for Mind Body Medicine in Washington, D.C, is a certified supervisor and facilitator of Mind-Body skills groups, and is a Master NLP and Journey practitioner.

    Avraham Baruch lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel, with his wife and five children.

    For more information or details about the upcoming Meishiv Hanafesh group, please email or call 02 991 1610.
    Kol tuv,
    Avraham Baruch Gundle, DO ND



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